Incredible Pakistani Women In Technology You Must Follow is an unranked list of women who are actively participating in tech-focused businesses or fields. We combed through startups, tech companies, mentors, scholars, and social media to identify women who are changing the narrative around women technologists within the country and beyond.

We will reveal the complete list in a number of episodes and this is our second episode. Below is the list of 25 Incredible Pakistani Women, which is sorted in alphabetical order:

1. Amber Naguib Saigal

Twitter Bio: Nestlé Pakistan | Financial Inclusion | Digital Solutions | Innovation | Portfolio Management All views expressed are personal opinions.

Twitter Handle: @amber_ns

2. Amna Masood

Twitter Bio: #Data & #management technologist, #CEO @MavenLogix. Skilled knowledge activist. An economist, a vagabond & a super genie mom. Life is a dream

Twitter Handle: @amydyslex

3. Anila Fatima

Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur | Renewable Energy Enthusiast | Professional Trainer | International Trade | Proud to keep the surname: Pakistan | Advocate Socio-Economic Ethics

Twitter Handle: @anilafatima2

4. Areej Al Medinah

Twitter Bio: Cofounder at ConnectHear, Electrical Engineering major at Habib University, SS Exchange Alumna at US Department of State

Twitter Handle: @areej8998

5. Asema Hassan

Twitter Bio: VR Programmer | Game Developer | AI Researcher | Gamification | Advisor IGDA Pakistan | PakGamers http://www.asemahassan.com

Twitter Handle: @AsemaHassan

6. Danielle Sharaf

Twitter Bio: CEO http://switchitc.com |mobile tech devotee| alleged paindu punjabi|proud daughter of a freckled soldier|part-time Sagan stalker|full-time space buff.

Twitter Handle: @DaniSharaf

7. Dr. Bushra Anjum

Twitter Bio: ACM Ubiquity Editor | Senior Software Engineer | Data Science Researcher | Diversity in STEM Advocate & Speaker

Twitter Handle: @DrBushraAnjum

8. Dr. Muneera Bano

Twitter Bio: #SuperstarsofSTEM @ScienceAU | Software Engineer Lecturer @SwinburneUniversity of Technology | @UTSalumniadjunct @UTSFEIT | #Pashtun#WomenInSTEM | #steminist

Twitter Handle: @DrMuneeraBano

9. Dr. Ayesha Khanna

Twitter Bio: CEO, ADDO AI – an artificial intelligence solutions firm. Founder, 21C Girls – a charity that teaches girls coding and AI.

Twitter Handle: @ayeshakhanna1

10. Gia Farooqi

Twitter Bio: CEO @roshnirides. Women’s Advocate. Caffeine Addict. IG: @giafarooqi

Twitter Handle: @giaraffe22

11. Hira Rizvi

Twitter Bio: @GeorgiaTech / @FulbrightPrgrmAlumna ’15 | @Acumen Fellow ’16

Twitter Handle: @hirabatoolrizvi

12. Hira Saeed

Twitter Bio: Tech Journalist. Bylines on @VentureBeat | @TheNextWeb | @Entrepreneur and beyond. Building a tech community of geeks, empowering women and having coffee.

Twitter Handle: @heerasaeed

13. Iqra Safder

Twitter Bio: Ph.D Scholar at Information Technology University, Pakistan

Twitter Handle: @iqra_safder

14. Maryam Mohiuddin

Twitter Bio: Founder – Social Innovation Lab @socinnlab | Co-Founder – @Daftarkhwan | Director @cci_itu | @Acumen Fellow #SocEnt #SocInn

Twitter Handle: @Maryam_M_Ahmed

15. Mehwish Abdul Sattar

Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Coffeeholic, Investor, Dream Chaser and an Advisor. Love to help startups, Aspiring Womenpreneur & communicate with great Minds.

Twitter Handle: @mehwish_sattar

16. Sarah Ahmed

Twitter Bio: Freelance Web / Mobile App Developer | Lead Instructor at Tech Karo, a web development course by @CIRCLE2020

Twitter Handle: @sarahsga4

17. Shehar Bano

Twitter Bio: Researcher at the Facebook Blockchain team. Information Security, Internet Measurement, Networking, Distributed Systems

Twitter Handle: @thatBano

18. Sidra

Twitter Bio: Director Ops Code For Pakistan, Exec Member @openIslamabad, VP Internet Society ISB, Founder SightDice, and Ambassador AngelHack

Twitter Handle: @SeeduwaJ

19. Sophia Ahmed

Twitter Bio: Support @salamdocufilm. Let’s connect with our diversities. #Philanthropy#education #tech Support @myvoice_unheard

Twitter Handle: @sophiaahmed

20. Syeda Aimen Batool

Twitter Bio: @Outreachy Intern at @Mozilla ❯ Full Stack JavaScript Developer ❯ Opensource Contributor ❯ Google Cloud’s fan

Twitter Handle: @AimenBatool

21. Taley’a Mirza

Twitter Bio: Software Developer | Speaker | Tech Enthusiast #JavaScript #Angular #Ionic#React #loveCoding #foodie#happyWithLife

Twitter Handle: @TaleyaMirza

22. Tuba Mohsin

Twitter Bio: Software Engineer at Techlogix Pvt. Ltd. | Mentor and Program Manager at Tech Karo, a web development course initiated by @CIRCLE2020

Twitter Handle: @tubamohsin94

23. Zainab Salim

Twitter Bio: Software Engineer at @sastaticketpkOrganiser @AngularGirls (Karachi Chapter) Support #WomenEmpowerment#techEnthusiast #foodie #petLover#python #javaScript

Twitter Handle: @zenabSalimKhan

24. Zainab Tariq

Twitter Bio: Driven by ideas, innovation, and technology- MM @Uber_PKR (helped scale startups @plan9incubator; changed mindsets through @herselfpk, curator @themixpakistan)

Twitter Handle: @zainab8108

25. Zeea Hasan Talib

Twitter Bio: First Woman Director in Nano-Automotive Industry PK | Director, NShield Solutions (@NShieldsol) | Microbiologist | NanoTech Health & Automotive expert

Twitter Handle: @ZeeaHasanTalib


You might want to see Episode 1: Incredible Pakistani Women In Technology You Must Follow.

This list appreciates the women technologists in Pakistan, who are using their potential in the tech industry to create a lasting impact.

In addition, women constitute a total of 49% of Pakistan’s population, where 22.4% of women are working in the workforce. This list captures very few women out of 22.4% who are most successful in their tech career. We aim to bring more women to the list by inspiring and encouraging them.

If you want to get featured in the list, send your Twitter handle to info@womenintechpk.com

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