Incredible Pakistani Women In Technology You Must Follow is an unranked list of women who are actively participating in tech-focused businesses or fields. We combed through startups, tech companies, mentors, scholars, and social media to identify women who are changing the narrative around women technologists within the country and beyond.

We will reveal the complete list in a number of episodes and this is our first episode. Below is the list of 25 Incredible Pakistani Women, which is sorted in alphabetical order:

1. Anum Kamran

Twitter Bio: Founder & CEO @Buyon.pk #Entrepreneur #Learner#SoftwareEngineer #Techentrepreneur#StartupCoach

Twitter Handle: @AnumKamran90

2. Arjumand Younus

Twitter Bio: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Insight Center, UCD. Google EMEA Anita Borg Scholar (Women in CS). Mommy to two beautiful princesses.

Twitter Handle: @ArjumandYounus

3. Asra Rizwan

Twitter Bio: Startup & Policy Analyst @TechJuicePK // building @OpenMicPK Let’s talk about data for good, digital rights, and tech policy!

Twitter Handle: @AsraRizwann

4. Faiza Yousuf

Twitter Bio: Technologist, Professor, Book hoarder, Founder @WomenInTechPK, Chief Consultant @OuttaBoxPK, Co-run @CodeGirlsKhi. I eat internet trolls for breakfast!

Twitter Handle: @FaizaYousuf

5. Fatima Rizwan

Twitter Bio: Founder @TechJuicePk. Promoting tech stories in the country and beyond. Engineer, techie and headstrong. I get things done! Email: fatima@techjuice.pk

Twitter Handle: @fatimarizwan

6. Huma Hamid

Twitter Bio: Lifelong Learner, Unapologetic Dreamer, Doer, Change Maker, Techmaker, Co-Founder of Pakistani Women in Computing

Twitter Handle: @hamid_huma

7. Jehan Ara

Twitter Bio: President of P@SHA & The Big Bird at The Nest I/O – P@SHA’s Tech Incubator. Areas of interest: Internet freedom, Startups, Entrepreneurship & Privacy.

Twitter Handle: @jehan_ara

8. Kalsoom Lakhani

Twitter Bio: Founder/CEO @Invest2Innovate. w/ @miznaq to bring you i2i Ventures. Geek out abt #startups, coffee, zombie apocalypses, airports. Dog mom to Rosie.

Twitter Handle: @kalsoom82

9. MaheenNSoomro

Twitter Bio: CEO #MushawarUKLtd, #IT #RecruitmentExpert, #HR Policy/Process Consultant, Career Coach, I believe in #WomenEmpowerment#Youthdevelopment

Twitter Handle: @BaberMaheen

10. Maria Umar

Twitter Bio: Successful Failure!

Twitter Handle: @MariaUmar

11. Nadia Gangjee

Twitter Bio: Founder @Sheops, Tech Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist, Women’s Economic Empowerment Advocate, Motivational Speaker. nadia@sheops.com

Twitter Handle: @NadiaGangjee

12. Nighat Dad

Twitter Bio: Internet Rights, Privacy, Women Rights, Lawyer, Founder @digitalrightsPK @TIMENextGenLeader, Alumni @BKCHarvard@TEDfellow, OpenGovt, @YGLvoices, typo queen

Twitter Handle: @nighatdad

13. Roshaneh Zafar

Twitter Bio: Development Activist. Working in the field of women’s economic empowerment. Set up the first specialized microfinance organization In Pakistan. A lover of music

Twitter Handle: @RoshanehZafar

14. Saba Gul

Twitter Bio: Founder @popinjayco. @MIT alum. I tweet tech, startups, women. Closet writer. Pakistani.

Twitter Handle: @sabagl

15. Saba Khalid

Twitter Bio: Founder of Aurat Raaji & Raaji app. Fighting patriarchy one conversation at a time

Twitter Handle: @S_khalid2

16. Sabin Muzaffar

Twitter Bio: Empowering Women Via Digital Media | Thinker | Founder/Editor @Anankemag | Writer | Mentor @Empower_Women | Mentor @CherieBlairFndn

Twitter Handle: @critoe

17. Sadaffe Abid

Twitter Bio: #Socialentrepreneur, Founder @circle2020 building leadership & #entrepreneurship capacity of #women to realize the economic potential of Pakistan @mtholyoke grad

Twitter Handle: @SadaffeAbid

18. Sadia Bashir

Twitter Bio: Game Developer @Forbes 30 Under 3.@Techwomen Fellow. Love Traveling & Games. Teach a collaborative learning experience. Founder @PixelArtGA PixelArt Games Academy

Twitter Handle: @Sadia_Bashir1

19. Salma Jafri

Twitter Bio:  Video Content Strategist | Speaker | @YouTube Certified | Founder of #BeTheMedia Mastermind | Channel Partner @Entrepreneur | Watch https://goo.gl/bxBHfp

Twitter Handle: @salmajafri

20. Samar Hasan

Twitter Bio: Social entrepreneur; Co-Founder @epiphanypk; Team Lead Epiphany Lab in partnership with @thisisuncharted; Founding Member @HabibUniversity

Twitter Handle: @SamarHasantwtr

21. Shamim Rajani

Twitter Bio: Founder & COO at Genetech Solutions | Entrepreneur | PSM | Mentor | Blogger https://GenetechSolutions.com

Twitter Handle: @shamimrajani

22. Sheba Najmi

Twitter Bio: UX Design, Product Strategy, Civic Tech. Founder & Executive Director @CodeforPakistan. 2012 Fellow @CodeforAmerica. Former @Yahoo.

Twitter Handle: @snajmi

23. Sidra Qasim

Twitter Bio: co-founder, @wearatoms, @markhor, alumn @ycombinator

Twitter Handle: @sidraqasim

24. Sophia Hasnain

Twitter Bio: IoT, Telecom, mobile payments. Product Management. Part-time activist, hiker, cyclist, yogi. Pakistan, US, Germany

Twitter Handle: @sophasnain

25. Sukaina Abbas

Twitter Bio: Software Engineer turned Homemaker turned Entrepreneur/Jewelry Designer. Live & let Live!!

Twitter Handle: @su_kaina

This list appreciates the women technologists in Pakistan, who are using their potential in tech industry to create a lasting impact.

In addition, women constitute a total of 49% of Pakistan’s population, where 22.4% of women are working in the workforce. This list captures very few women out of 22.4% who are most successful in their tech career. We aim to bring more women to the list by inspiring and encouraging them.

If you want to get feature in the list, send your twitter handle to info@womenintechpk.com

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