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An initiative to help support women in tech from Pakistan with
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Globally, 48% of women in tech report discrimination

Pakistan ranks 145th out of 147 on the Global Gender Gap Index

In Pakistan, only 10% of women are employed in non-agricultural sector

Our Story

WomenInTechPK’s founder, Faiza Yousuf, taught at several universities between 2014 and 2017.

During her time as a visiting professor, she observed a stark difference in attitudes of the men and women software engineering students – all of them with equal talents, pursuing the careers they all had high hopes for. 

She observed that women participated much less in the class and exuded a sense of hopelessness. Everything from a lack of opportunities for women in the tech industry to a need for a community and role models to look up to affected their career plans. The determination with which these talented women had chosen the field weighed them down, and they were questioning their choices.

They needed confidence, Faiza realized, to move ahead in their careers with conviction and achieve their goals.

In September 2016, Faiza decided to create a platform for her female students to connect them with her fellow successful senior women in tech. The idea was to help these young women find role models to look up to, get access to information, and discover opportunities.

Soon, women belonging to the tech sector from all over the country started joining the community. The platform kept growing. And, so did the opportunities. Soon, WomenInTechPK was more than a community to seek guidance. It became a support system for women studying or working in the technology industry in Pakistan.

Today, it offers an incredible range of opportunities for women for career development and connecting with experts. It is a place to bring them to their aha moments.

Today, WomenInTechPK is an online space for:

  • A forum to ask questions and seek advice
  • Opportunities to learn and upskill
  • Find mentors, sponsors, and peers
  • Job board for national and international job opportunities
  • Access to global conferences and networking events
  • Building digital footprints for our incredible members
  • A hub for Advocacy, awareness, and activism

and everything professional women in tech need to upscale their careers with confidence.


WomenInTechPK & Sustainable Development Goals

WomenInTechPK’s goals are in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to play a role in achieving the following:


Collaborating with various organizations to create and/or offer courses for professional and interpersonal skills accessible to thousands.


Lending constant support to help women gain financial independence and attain equal rights across Pakistan.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Offering a free job board to encourage companies to hire women for remote and on-site jobs, helping boost the country’s economy.

Reduced Inequalities

Offering free or subsidized courses to help reduce inequalities based on education, socioeconomic background, and gender.

Partnerships For Goals

Partnering with organizations worldwide to share opportunities with women for growth, upskilling, and employment.

Working towards these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our Progress

Last Updated: November 2023


Community Partnerships


CodeGirls Graduates: 740+ women, Graduated 1105+ times


CodeGirls Employed: 255+


Cryptochicks Graduates: 40


Interviews published


Twitter Chats


Live Webinars


Community Meetups


Published Guest Posts


MoUs signed

In a Nutshell

Worldwide, women have to struggle for recognition, equal wages, and adequate facilities. They struggle in some sectors more than others – technology being one of them.
It is about time we change that.
WomenInTechPK is a nonprofit initiative to help tech women from Pakistan grow and attain equal opportunities in the tech industry.

To achieve our goals, WomenInTechPK takes several steps to ensure better futures for women:

  • Run a community to offer support, guidance, and confidence-boosting opportunities to women
  • Work with global organizations to bring learning opportunities for women at subsidized costs
  • Partner with conference organizers to provide subsidized tickets to the members
  • Feature women with excellent track records on our platform to highlight their achievements
  • Collaborate with event organizers to help find credible women speakers
  • Offer mentorship and career sponsorship opportunities 
  • Connect local and international companies with skilled tech women for hiring and diversifying their pool of talent
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