With support from global organizations, WomenInTechPK has developed high-impact, career-upgrading programs for women to improve gender parity in the tech
sector. Our long-term programs are designed to upskill and support Pakistani tech women to take the much-anticipated career leap.


Coding is one of the highly sought-after skills in the present day and age. Under CodeGirls, we offer a community-funded coding and business skills boot camp to increase women’s participation in Pakistan’s technology industry.



Blockchain is the future. This collaboration with the Canadian organization CryptoChicks has brought a wide range of online blockchain courses at subsidized costs, virtual and onsite events, hackathons, and employment opportunities for women in Pakistan.

Mentor Matching

WomenInTechPK is a firm believer in the dramatic change a mentor can bring. We have seen it happen. Mentors can lead you in the right direction, reducing the errors of judgment and boosting your confidence. Keeping this in mind, WomenInTechPK developed a mentor-matching program to give its members a sounding board and guide to make better career decisions.

Mentor Matching
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