CryptoChicks Pakistan is educating women and youth in Blockchain and AI technologies.

A 3 Days Blockchain and AI Hackathon was organized by CryptoChicks Pakistan, in collaboration with WomenInTechPK and ConsulNet Corporation.

On 13th April 2019, the second day of CryptoChicks Pakistan Hackathon 2019 took place. The hackathon was immensely advertised and sponsored as a result of which it succeeded to grab the attention of many students and professionals.

Day 2 of CryptoChicks Hackathon Pakistan

Venue, Date & Time

  • Event Page: CryptoChicks Pakistan
  • Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Time: 9 AM – 11 PM
  • Venue: 10Pearls Karachi Office

Important Highlights of the Hackathon

Faiza Yousuf warmly welcomed all the participants, mentors, and speakers on the second day of CryptoChicks Pakistan Hackathon. The hackathon started with a keynote by Ahmed Manzoor (Blockchain & Digital Transformation Consultant). He delivered a very informative session on Blockchain Use cases, where he shared his professional experience and discussed types of the blockchain, history of ledgers and a few case studies. Also, he was engaged with the participants as a mentor. In addition, he came with some exciting gifts for the participants, which included study guides and exam vouchers. We did a raffle and gave them to participants after his keynote.

The participants started to work with their teams. They proposed their team names, project titles, chosen track (business/developer), and technology used (blockchain/AI). Thus, we have 7 teams in the Developer track, whereas 4 teams in Business track. All teams are putting their efforts, let see who will compete to win the hackathon!

We got several mentors from industry to help the participants. Our mentors include Anum Hussain (Cloud Developer Advocate, IBM), Qamar Un-Nisa (Developer Experience Leader, IBM), Ayesha Imtiaz (Senior Software Engineer, Contour Software), Ayesha Shafique (Data Scientist, Ephlux), Zeeshan Abbasi (CEO, MParsec) and Syed Ahmed Rizvi (Business Analyst, Salsoft Technologies). They helped the teams to find solutions for both local/global problems and develop a prototype for the proposed solution. Whereas, our speakers also facilitated the participants with their project ideas and execution.

Faiza Yousuf conducted a workshop on Creating a Business Model Canvas for the participants. She taught how to fill the nine segments for the business model in a nice one-page canvas.

Ayesha Shafique (Data Scientist, Ephlux) gave a hands-on workshop on Machine Learning in Healthcare. The workshop focused on fostering innovative new strategies for applying machine learning in healthcare and medicine. To date, nearly all of the most notable successes of machine learning have been driven by supervised learning. So the aim of the workshop was to bring together all the enthusiastic geeks of Machine learning in one room and to build a simple supervised machine learning model yet efficient to tackle specified healthcare problem. Moreover, she discussed the evaluation techniques to test a model in a real environment.

The hackathon proceeded with the keynote by Zeeshan Abbasi (CEO, MParsec). He addressed the participants on the topic of The promise of Blockchain. He talked about the way blockchain technology works and how blockchain can disrupt the current business processes. In simple words, he defined Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. He highlighted some historical context for the industrial revolutions including the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, he discussed the game plan of Uber and the rationale behind their aggressive decisions. Moreover, he highlighted the future of blockchain and discussed its potential in all sectors. Also, he talked to participants and discussed areas of improvements in their projects.

Faiza Yousuf and Shamim Rajani along with their team were present to help out the participants in all respects and to make sure the hackathon executes smoothly.

The second day of hackathon worked out as a great opportunity to learn and get mentorship with industry professionals for participants. The participants worked on developing a Blockchain and AI-based application to solve real-world problems. Whereas, the keynotes and workshop were very engaging as participants were free to ask questions.

All participants, speaker, and mentors received swag kits, hackathon guide, and enjoyed full day meals.

Shamim Rajani concluded the second day by asking participants to prepare well for the presentation in order to compete with others and wished them the best of luck!

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Some glimpses of the second day at CryptoChicks Pakistan

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