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We often talk about the significance of having strong leadership in a workplace. It is an equally vital component that assists in building a healthy and productive working environment for every individual. But amidst the heated discussions, we often miss the subject of diversity and Inclusion.

It not only comprises specific policies or adherence to certain requirements. Instead, the primary focus is acceptance of all employees possessing varying potential. And each is significant to the collective success of the organization. Also, workplaces that practice this concept have a higher rate of trust and respect among employees.


Is Diversity And Inclusion Same?


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It is undoubtedly true that we all are different in our ways. We see less applauding behavior from our managers or peers, and are more likely to face blatant harassment as well as microaggressions. And these differences, unfortunately, become the leading cause of discrimination – while it shouldn’t work that way.

Diversity and Inclusivity are two distinct interconnected concepts; they give room to an environment where a diverse group makes different perspectives and contributions. And when joined together, they both invite a contrasting group of people treated and valued equally.

Countless studies support the significance that hiring diverse talents results in the decline of employee turnover. Any organization which offers an inclusive work culture where every individual’s differences are appreciated and valued leads to higher employee job satisfaction and commitment.

In simple words, diversity represents inclusion, promoting and celebrating the existence of equal opportunities. Regardless of where you come from, who you are and what you believe in, people are always eager to hear your opinions and suggestions. In such an environment, you are bound to feel and be heard and act as a valuable part of the organization.


How To Know If You Are In One?


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The presence of diversity in every department opens doors of opportunities for both men and women while maintaining balance. Only then can you ensure that the organization believes in the valid values of Inclusion and diversification.

McKinsey and Company report titled: Diversity Wind: How Inclusion Matters heavily focuses on the significance of incorporating diversity alongside Inclusion for an optimum outcome.

One cannot live without the other; therefore, despite introducing diversity, some companies may still lack at times. The elements of fairness, equality, and fairness are equally significant to avail the maximum benefits of these two important notions.

Nestle Pakistan was recognized as a prestigious organization committed to promoting and implementing a diverse and inclusive culture at the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) Awards 2020. There are other great examples of companies constantly working to develop and execute D&I best practices.

When employees can see their contributions and ideas are not valued, eventually, they will leave the organization. Genuine inclusion involves actual involvement that empowers individuals.


Benefits Of Diversity and Inclusion


Creativity And Innovation

In advanced technological times, diversity and inclusion have become essential for every business. A working environment that entails individuals of different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experience gives cutting-edge innovation. Such an environment also gives employees the confidence to put forth and execute their plans without hesitation. A support system like this creates further success opportunities for everyone. With a constant exchange of creative ideas, the organization moves on the path of thought-leadership and continuous progress.

Variation In Skills

Intending to flourish, hiring people of varying backgrounds turns out to be quite beneficial. Diversity gives way to broader and fresh perspectives. New concepts and propositions can lead to better problem-solving and business development.

Businesses that prefer diversity and inclusion are likely to stand out. It sends out a message that your organization offers a welcoming environment regardless of the background. It reflects the business’s motto that everyone is equally vital to the collective success, making ways to hire some of the best talents.

Satisfied Employees

Happier employees are the secret ingredient of a thriving business. They feel invested, valued, and a significant part of the organization leading to greater productivity and a lower absenteeism rate. Employees who are satisfied show a higher level of engagement and productivity. A healthy environment promotes a healthy work culture that further strengthens an individual’s well-being. It creates a sense of community, motivating every individual to give their best performance while learning.

Better Productivity

A cooperative work environment plays a significant role in increasing the overall productivity of employees. A diverse team leads to better learning opportunities for everyone. It gives way to creating and implementing bright ideas within a short period. Undoubtedly, an inclusive workforce is an excellent place for everyone.

Broad Customer Outreach

An inclusive team acts as a vital bridge that connects your business to a colorful customer base. Such a team is essential to marketing the company to a broader audience from different backgrounds. Effective promotion occurs alongside understanding the customer’s concern clearly due to the similarity in knowledge, beliefs, and traditions. Your brand can resonate with multiple voices at a time. With so much learning taking place, the business undergoes tremendous growth.

Distinct Talents

A business that focuses on diversity is constantly looking for all kinds of talent. They don’t have to focus on a specific type or appearance. The core focus is only to hire an individual who can produce results.

Greater Revenue

An inclusive workforce gives rise to robust management that leads to higher revenues. With employees working efficiently and continuously thriving to improve, productivity increases. Undeniably, an essential factor that helps a business surpass competitors and produce impressive outcomes.


Diversity and Inclusion are the fundamental determinants of a successful organization. Employees can feel that they belong and their talent matters. The complexities of the work environment are constantly changing and increasing. Therefore, leaders must try to implement steps to enhance the potential of every employee.

Companies are successful when they make efforts to drive value through the differences. In today’s age of technological advancements, a workplace that ensures equal opportunities for everyone gives a fantastic chance to every individual to bring their unique selves to work every day.

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