“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”- Milton Glaser

It goes without saying that in this digital era it is highly significant to stay up-to-date and follow the current web design trends to leave a long-lasting impression on your viewers.

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Companies and organizations need to understand a good website sells well too. And there are plenty of tough rivals all around to take the winning crown.

This is one of the reasons that following the latest web design trends is utterly significant.

It not only improves a company’s revenues but also aides in improving the SEO ranking, which creates an overall thorough impression of the brand.

The shortage of time and attention leaves little or no room for websites with an outdated and unappealing outlook.

Change is a satisfying aspect when it comes to design. An outmoded appearance is also a reflection of the company’s mindset towards the importance of its audience and its needs.

It distinctly shows the seriousness and readiness of the company in terms of fulfilling and offering exceptional services to the audience.

All this and certain other yet equally critical factors such as attaining customer trust, brand performance, attracting leads, maintaining a consistent audience are all heavily dependent on the website trends, one follows.

Let’s look at some of the top 6 web design trends that will change the course of the future design industry:

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • Minimalism
  • CSS3 animation
  • Video background
  • Vibrant Colors and Subtle Transitions
  • Bold Typography
  • Dark Modes

Mobile-Friendly Websites

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Mobile-friendly websites have gained momentum over the past few years as it greatly helps in reaching a wider audience while also satisfying the need to, rank better, build credibility with customers.

It allows the sharing of content conveniently from anywhere as well as aids in enhancing the overall user experience.

According to some data, mobile-friendly sites create 50% of website traffic. Undeniably, who wouldn’t want to offer an enriched experience to its viewers in these competitive times?

Mobile browsing has undoubtedly replaced desktop, and people are increasingly searching for easy-to-navigate websites that may allow them to move quickly just by the movement of their thumb.


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Less is more. Minimalism is in high demand, as it allows the designer to create effective sites with minimum elements having a comprehensive, simple but powerful outlook.

In these times of short attention span, minimalism offers an attractive design with full features and fewer elements to process.

Viewers undoubtedly love to embrace such a design. It helps the audience to process the information without missing out on anything.

The minimalist approach also offers decency, simplicity, and easy navigation that leads to higher page conversions.

CSS3 Animation and Micro-interactions

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Animation has almost become a mandatory element of web design trends.

According to an article by Forbes on web design, it is predicted that animation is a powerful trend in web design among other design trends, and will continue to become popular.

CSS3 technology will leave a considerable and positive impact on the audience.

Micro-interactions on the other hand are equally effective. This is because even a tiny action on the website invites a certain and engaging response to it.

They have been widely utilized by other social websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Moreover, recent years have focused hard on this rich feature to gain the attention of the targeted audience.

There is still a long way to go to explore this feature and to surprise the users in pleasantly unexpected ways.

Without a doubt, micro-interactions and animations are extremely enticing when it comes to enhancing user experience and offer an engaging journey.

Video Background

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The transition from stationary backgrounds to vivid visual representation via a video background has indeed transformed businesses entirely.

It has allowed businesses to talk to their audience just by showcasing their expertise and abilities in a much faster and convenient manner.

Moreover, videos are a great way to sell by sharing stories while keeping the audience engaged and interested regardless of the products or service.

Also, videos provide great benefit in allowing the user to easily understand the business’s characteristics within minutes instead of reading lengthy content that may take hours.

Undoubtedly, video backgrounds would be a mandatory feature of the website in times to come.

Vibrant Colors and Subtle Transitions

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A website with a good color palette will never fail to stand out.

The color treatment has always and will continue to play a vital role in creating modern designs in the future to come.

Big tech companies such as Apple and Spotify have been focusing hard to choose vibrant neon colors and gradients to portray a strong brand image.

The wide usage of bright colors and bold gradients will continue to prevail in the coming years.

Bold Typography

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Typography is extremely significant to maintain consistency, provide a pleasing aesthetic, and, improve the readability of your website.

To enhance the user interface design it is important to select the suitable typography to offer graphic balance and overall stellar outlook to the audience.

It has the capability to evoke feelings and set a certain mood that can aid in the promotion of one’s brand.

The immense concern on creating and maintaining the right kind of typography to leave a lasting impact has brought influential effect on users and positive outcomes for the organizations.

It is important to build a visual hierarchy and therefore for which selecting the correct font is equally vital to create an impressive website, create brand recognition, and provide power to your message.

Dark Mode

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Dark Mode is trending and for all the right reasons. It makes the overall design look exceedingly modern while also creatively exposing the visibility of elements.

It offers a unique look resembling the high-tech design of the future, making things highly sophisticated that aids in increasing viewer engagement.

Due to the high contrast ratio, it also assists in diminishing eye strain that allows the user to work for prolonged hours, if needed, without becoming stressed out.

Interestingly, it is a feature that you can turn on or off, depending upon the needs, or let’s say mood.

As much as every other application in integrating this rich feature, there are browsers that have built-in dark Mode such as Google Chrome.


As much as a user can’t forget a good website design the same is the case with bad website design.

This is the very reason that pursuing and staying updated on the latest web design trends and implementing them in an optimal way is highly crucial.

A website design should meet the latest web design trends, strategies, and principles to gain and increase the target audience.

Moreover, for a website to appear on the first page of Google it is necessary to stay abreast of what the market is asking for.

The design is also a strong means of communicating the brand’s message to the audience, for building customer trust and creating a unique online identity.

These tremendous web design trends happen to entail all the characteristics and it does seem that they also hold the capability to brighten the future along with setting standards for innovative trends in design.

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