NFC Tags is one of our really cool but highly neglected technological innovations. They are tiny programmable chips or tags that can be embedded into items to perform an operation when a device nears its proximity.

They can be attached to posters, cards, stickers, keychains, devices, and more. Its uses are endless and its utilization relies on your imaginative and innovative capabilities. In this article, we will be talking about some of the coolest uses of NFC tags that can make your life a lot cooler and easier.

Surprisingly Awesome Uses of NFC Tags

Here are some awesome uses of NFC Tags:

Make Payments with NFC Tags

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One of the best uses of the NFC tags is the ability to make payments. With NFC tags you can pay using services like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Contactless payments have become more and more popular. This year especially due to the pandemic and implementation of social distancing measures.

Both services, Apple Pay and Google Pay will allow you to keep track of your spending, store coupons, analyze your purchases, and more. Furthermore, opting for NFC payments means you will no longer need to carry around other payment methods like cash and credit card alongside your phone.

Organize your stuff with NFC tags

If you have way too many boxes and things in your house and you don’t want to open each one of them to find out what’s inside, then you can easily use NFC tags to store its information and list of contents and stick it on the box or container. 

You can also write the information down on a piece of paper, but that’s basic, and we want to be anything but that. It may get ripped or damaged, and if the contents are private, you will have trouble Iconcelaing it. And it won’t be as much fun. Overall, this tip can be beneficial when you are moving houses or packing up.

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Automate your Sleep Mode With NFC Tags

By using Apps like NFC Tools and more, you can program your NFC smart Tags to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, activate your pre-programmed silent profile, turn on night mode, and more. This will help you avoid sleep disruptions in case you forgot to switch to silent mode. 

Furthermore, it saves battery and ensures a good night’s sleep. You can also program the NFC smart tag to toggle the setting in the morning and quickly revert. So when you wake up, you can reset your smartphone or device’s settings to daytime with a single tap.

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Use NFC to Connect Bluetooth Device

Ever since the beloved headphone jack was eliminated, the use of Bluetooth accessories has become quite common. However, the issue with Bluetooth devices is the tiresome pairing process. While many Bluetooth devices and accessories have inbuilt NFC functionality, these days, just in case yours don’t, you can fix that with NFC smart tags.

There are many Apps like BT tag writer that can help store the Bluetooth pairing information in NFC smart tags, and then the tags can be placed near speakers for easy pairing. This way, when you want to play music, just tap the tags, and you will be quickly connected with the device through Bluetooth within seconds and without the hassle.


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