On 15th December 22, 2021, CodeGirls announced the launch of the 3rd Phase of their technology boot camp. CodeGirls Pakistan is a women-focused initiative that aims to empower women in Pakistan by giving them opportunities to be part of the Tech industry.

Phase 3 Cohort 1 of CodeGirls is now live, and weekly training sessions are underway. The program consists of virtual classes held over a period of 16-weeks, at a total of 125 hours of online workshops, office hours, and deliverables. Cohort 1 has welcomed 15 students who have graduated from Phase 1 and Phase 2. The objective of Phase 3 is to train the students to become professional freelancers and pursue careers on online gig platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Previously, CodeGirls has organized extensive training camps and workshops in the 24-week-long programs of Phase 1 and Phase 2. The previous phases focused on beginner and advanced levels of web development with detailed teaching material about HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, NodeJS, PHP, WordPress, Advance UX, Software Quality Assurance, and OOP. The phases are systematically aligned so that students are gradually trained to develop careers in the expansive IT industry all over the world.

The leading trainers for Phase 3 are Asra Rizwan, founder of OpenMic, Waqar Hussain, founder and CEO at Icon Pro Solutions, and Faiza Yousuf, founder of WomenInTechPK and cofounder of CodeGirls. The planning for the 3rd phase had been in the works for a while as the team at CodeGirls wanted to build a learning outline that matches the current trends and needs of the gig economy. Other than teaching about the freelancing platforms, participants will learn about Payments and Taxation, Interviewing and Negotiation Skills, Productivity and Time Management, Business Ethics, Using social media for Business, and intercultural competence. Each week students will learn a new topic in a 2-hour live class and later in the week, will have an hour to debrief and discuss. Each week also has a couple of deliverables that the students will have to submit. 

CodeGirls plans to induct the 2nd cohort in April 2022. If you want to know more about it or have freelance opportunities for our graduates. Please do reach out to us! 


About CodeGirls:

CodeGirls is an exclusive women-only coding boot camp powered by ConsulNet. Its goal is simple, “to improve the gender parity in Pakistan’s tech industry”. ConsulNet Corporation founded the program with its partners United Global Initiative and WomenInTechPK. CodeGirls is funded by some of the leading tech giants, influencers, tech community members, and business moguls.

CodeGirls believes in absolute inclusion & improved gender parity. Girls and women from diverse backgrounds are welcome to join with the only prerequisite being that the candidate should be able to operate a computer and know how to use the internet.

With a massive network of friends and partners, including organizations and individuals in the ICT industry who contribute firsthand information about placement opportunities, CodeGirls makes sure that as soon as students graduate they are guided to write resumes, and their learning profile is shared with prospective employers.

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