The 8-month long Data Science Boot Camp ended with the Capstone project presentation by the graduates, judged by the field experts – making the girls job-ready in the field of Data Science.

Friday, 8th October, marked the online graduation ceremony of the 1st cohort of 8-month long Data Science boot camp, powered by QuickStart for a select few CodeGirls. The event was attended and judged by the renowned experts in the field of data science including, Ryan McReynolds, Incrementality Measurement Lead at Google, Dr. Bushra Anjum, Senior Data Analytics Manager at Doximity, Dr. Arjumand Younus, a Research scientist at Affinity, Fatma Faruq, Fayyaz Shah, Shamim Rajani, and Neelam Raheel.

The ceremony was hosted by Faiza Yousuf, beginning with a brief overview of the program and a short introduction of the guests and judges. The presentation by the participants started right after the introductory greetings. Each candidate conducted a 15-minute-long presentation, stating their goals and approach towards the selected data sets, explaining the detailed analysis and implementation of different forecasting models, the challenges faced, and the learning outcomes of their respective projects. A quick Q/A session followed each presentation.


The presentation was judged over four areas: Idea, Execution, Presentation, and Overall. The results for the Capstone project were compiled shortly after the ceremony ended and were shared with the participants. Urooj Fatima secured the highest ratings from the judges, followed by Dua Zehra. All 6 participants got high praises and encouraging remarks from the judges. A certificate will also be given to the participants by QuickStart to acknowledge the course’s completion successfully.

Two of the participants were offered to work as freelancers by one of the judges impressed with the detail-oriented learning and presentations.

Adnan Sattar, CEO of the QuickStart, said,

“Codegirls is a great vision of developing female youth and teeming them up for some emerging. We are excited to partner with CodeGirls and be part of their vision by enabling their students with a Data Science boot camp. It is a huge social impact that has significant ROI for women in tech careers.  Commitment and quality of students in the program was inspiring”

Sadaf Iqbal and Muhammad Suleman, founders of the Next Generation Analytics, who were also the mentors and instructors for the program, said,

“It’s always impressive to see cross-domain students excel in the field of data science, but this is the first time we meet and teach a whole batch of girls who do not have any technical background in Data Science, and their only tool is their fighting spirit, congrats to all the girls on their completion of immersive Data Science boot camp, this is a huge success for you and us as well, we are proud of you all.”

The program was praised by the Manager of the Academics at QuickStart, Haris Junaidi, in the following words,

” A smart initiative by Code Girls to empower women by opening doors to a very niche and sought-after field of Data Science. This will resonate well with the Government’s initiative to make IT a big and thriving industry.”

What the Graduates said:

The course has opened new learning opportunities and jobs for the girls to step up in the field of data science. This is what the participants had to say about the program:

The entire journey of 8 months has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride for me! But seeing the result, and the learnings, the projects I have been able to make has left me in awe. I can’t thank our trainers, who have been there for us throughout the program, our mentors, especially Mam Faiza and Mam Shamim, along the sponsors, this has been a fantastic experience overall. Thank you, everyone.

– Sana Abbas –

Completing Data Science Bootcamp by QuickStart was a pleasure. It was challenging for me as I come from a non-tech background, but our trainers and Miss Faiza helped us throughout the journey. Thanks to the CodeGirls team, who believed in me and allowed me to participate in this Boot camp. I must say that today I am who I am because of CodeGirls.

– Rida Jawwad –

The CodeGirls team is deciding and working on the way forward strategy to collaborate on more projects to bring about more inclusion in the tech industry.

About QuickStart and Data Science Boot Camp:


QuickStart offers online IT Certifications to achieve career growth and IT workforce readiness by personalizing and individualizing training to address the massive skills gap in the IT industry.


The data science boot camp by QuickStart welcomes the participation of students, graduates, or individuals who are enthusiastic about solving data-driven problems and looking for a career in data science that provides tremendous work opportunities and growth.

You can get to know more about the data science boot camp, and its curriculum here:

 About CodeGirls:

CodeGirls is a community-funded Coding, and Business Skills boot camp designed for girls/women to code and start and run their businesses. CodeGirls is run by ConsulNet Corporation, in partnership with United Global Initiative and WomenInTechPK and their various local and international sponsors.





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