(Karachi) – On November 27th, 2021, CodeGirls hosted a luncheon and award ceremony at Regent Plaza Karachi. The event was led by the three partners of the program, Dr. Hasnain Walji (Executive Director – United Global Initiative), Shamim Rajani (COO – ConsulNet Corporation), and Faiza Yousuf (Founder – WomenInTechPK). The guests included the CodeGirls team, star trainers, program auditor, star alumni, some of the industry stakeholders, and a few sponsors. 

The event started with a visit to the CodeGirls facility for a house tour.  From there, the guests moved to the main venue, Opal Court at Regent Plaza. After lunch, Dr. Hasnain Walji spoke about the vision and mission of CodeGirls and shared a few anecdotes about the importance of inculcating human skills in tech training. Following this, Shamim Rajani took over and spoke about the impact of the program, discussing the current happenings around introducing blended and online-only cohorts, and sharing stats from the past years. She also stressed the importance of collecting data to scale the program’s impact. Next up was Faiza Yousuf, who briefed the audience about the newly launched, Phase 3 of the program which is based on equipping young girls and women with freelancing skills. This is an online-only program and is only available for the program graduates who have successfully completed the previous phases. 

For each year since CodeGirls was started in 2018, the team selected a top technology trainer and a star alumnus. Below is the list of awards for top trainers and star students.


Technology Trainer: 

  • Ahsan Raza for 2018
  • Haider Abbas for 2019
  • Ishraq Aslam for 2020
  • Taqi Kirmani for 2021


Star Alumnus:

  • Yusra Rao for 2018
  • Taha Fatima for 2019
  • Rida Fatima for 2020
  • Janta Sangi for 2021


For Core Skills Trainers, the awarded trainers were:

  • Sana Hussain for her Workplace Safety Workshops 
  • Danish Ejaz for his Work Readiness Workshops 


CodeGirls also gave a memento of thanks to its industry partners, including:

  • 10Pearls for being a sponsor and a top hiring company 
  • Contour Software for being a sponsor and a top hiring company 
  • PSEB for their overall support of the program

The program was concluded with remarks from Mr. Osman Nasir (MD – PSEB), Mr. Taqi Jaffer and Mr. Saddique Jaffar (Jaffer Family Foundation), and Mr. Turab Hemani (CEO – Genetech Solutions and ConsulNet Corporation). 

About CodeGirls: 

CodeGirls is a community-funded Coding and Business Skills boot camp, run by ConsulNet Corporation with its partners, United Global Initiative and WomenInTechPK. The boot camp is specifically designed for girls/women from middle to low-income families, with no prior tech education, who are looking to break into the tech industry by learning how to code. This female empowerment program, in multiple phases, is transforming a couple of hundred lives every few months.

Website: https://codegirls.consulnet.net/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/CodeGirlsbyConsulNetCorp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CodeGirlsKhi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/codegirlskhi/

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