Mondays are always tough because most of us are recovering from the weekend and for me, it gets extra tough because my Sundays are on (Yikes! I know right) but this Monday was super special because of the twitter chat with #BizGalz.

#BizGalz is a community initiative that started with a weekly twitter chat and has now turned into a thriving community of people who support the work done by women in all fields. The community does a weekly chat every Monday with a special guest and start a conversation about their area of work/expertise. The chat is co-hosted by two incredible creative ladies, Alissa M. Trumbull and Jade Phillips, both work in the digital space and are mighty good at what they do.


Back in October, I was asked by them to be the guest on one of their Monday chat sessions, we picked up a topic and scheduled the chat for 27th November, 1pm Eastern Daylight Time and 11pm Pakistan time.  A lot of people contributed to the chat from all over the world and they answered the questions prepared by Alissa and Jade. The answers were really insightful and I found a lot of great ideas from that hour long session. This blog is for showing you the highlights of the twitter chat and I will be listing down the questions, my answers to them and also some of the best replies that I have seen on the thread.

Question 01: What advantages are there to women-focused groups?

Question 02: What challenges do women face in championing their own work?

Question 03: Why are initiatives like @WomenInTechPK necessary?

Question 04: How can we all help to empower girls and women across the globe in their careers?

Question 05: What changes would you like to see in the next 5 years for how women in tech are supported?

Question 06: How can men be champions for women-based communities?

Question 07: How can we do a better job of connecting each other to beneficial communities?

Question 08: What women-based communities have you found to be most impactful on your personal and professional lives?

The chat was surely insightful and I got to know so many wonderful people who care about the issues women face in the workplace and how communities can help them grow both personally and professionally.  It is of utmost importance that we start constructive conversations around these issues and spread awareness that will further translate into meaningful actions. We need to find our allies and have them on our side so that we can deal with these issues head-on. Women bring in their unique perspective and extraordinary talent to the table and we all need to learn to appreciate it. I really appreciate all the effort put in by the BizGalz team and their kind invitation. I loved being a part of this conversation and I am really looking forward to the coming Monday’s #BizGalz twitter chat.

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