Anum Kamran

In this latest series of articles, we are publishing interviews of some incredible women who are part of the tech industry or the broader STEM fields.

In these interviews, you will find women working on solving real-world problems, breaking stereotypes and creating the next big impact on the industry. This series of interviews shows that even with the lowest rate of women participation in the labor market in Pakistan, there are still lots of smart women who are creating and using technology to work wonders.

Today, we are featuring Anum Kamran. Read on to know more about her work and get inspired.

Anum Kamran, Founder & CEO –

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, your education, and your work.

I have done BS in IT and MS (MPhil) in Software engineering. I am a Tech entrepreneur from the beginning of my professional career. Started first company Apex Solutions in 2005, then in 2012. I am a community builder and founded Pakistan e-commerce consortium to strengthen the e-commerce ecosystem of Pakistan.

What are your future plans/aspirations? What impact it will have on the community/society/your team/your project?

I am passionate towards empowerment of society and community building. My project is empowering micro, small and medium-sized businesses to make their living better through e-commerce. I am planning to do it in a more effective manner in the future. I am a community builder as well and work for the betterment of Pakistan e-commerce industry.

Please brag about your career accomplishments, what are the things you are really proud of?

Being an Alibaba e-founder fellow from Pakistan is one of the accomplishments so far.

What has been your best education/career decision and why?

The decision to pursue my career as an entrepreneur was my best decision.

What’re the best lessons you’ve learned?

If you are passionate about something you will find a way to achieve it.

Which woman inspires you and why?

There are many women who inspire me but few are:

Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was an amazing entrepreneur/trader in that era when females had a tough time to survive, she proved that a woman can also be a good businesswoman.

Jehan Ara proved to be an inspiration for many tech women who want to pursue their careers. She is also an inspiration for community builders because she has proved how a leader can create an impact on society.

Lady Diana – for her humility and empathy.

Do you think Pakistan has changed as a society, in terms of accepting career-oriented women? What needs to change to help more women come forward?

Yes, Pakistan has changed a lot as a society in terms of accepting career-oriented women. The only need is to bring more role models on the front. This will give motivation to new generations. Inclusive environments to support career-oriented women can also help in increasing the number of women on a roll.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I feel the generation behind me will have fewer challenges as compared to ours. Finding an inclusive environment and getting their due place without endorsement might be the challenge for the next generation as well.

If you could change one thing about the tech industry/business, what would it be?

As I mentioned a word “endorsement”, I have observed that women in our industry need an endorsement to get accepted by peers, they often won’t be judged by their own accomplishments and capabilities. If one thing I can change in the industry would be getting a due place to all women on the basis of their own capabilities.

How can WomenInTechPK help you and other women?

Womenintechpk helped me to connect many like-minded women in the industry not only in Pakistan but all around the world. Such communities can help other women to connect and discuss all the challenges and opportunities with peers.

You can follow Anum Kamran using her profiles below, and please do not hesitate in hiring her for your next project. 

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