Girl Summit hosts more than 30 breakout sessions, panel discussion, chat for a largely female attendees.

November 5th, 2020. Dubai (UAE): Ananke – a digital platform empowering women through awareness, advocacy and education – welcomed 300 guests on October 29th, 2020, at the MENA and Subcontinent regions’ first ever digital event focusing the girl child. The event was not only largely attended by women and girls, 99 percent of the guest speakers were women. The Girl Summit was created, produced and executed successfully with an all-female team and one male tech support consultant from Dubai-based TreeHouse Consultancy LLC.

Hosting more than 30 sessions that included engaging fireside chats, panel discussions, keynote speeches and workshops, Ananke’s Girl Summit focused on the theme “Realizing An Inclusive Future. This was the first-ever digital Summit, with female empowerment at its center, across the MENA region and the Sub-continent with sessions held simultaneously throughout the day. The day-long Summit included important topics of discussion including Education, Gender Equality, Sustainability, Innovation & Emerging Technologies  and Modern Economy.


The Girl Summit offered immense value by not just highlighting subjects that form the basis of a thriving, sustainable society, through the event Ananke brought together a diverse team of women and girls from across Africa and the Subcontinent on board as part of the event team. From age 13 to 40, these women and girls were trained and mentored to successfully execute their responsibilities that included content creation and curation, communications and liaison, technical and digital support of a uniquely digital, event platform, moderation as well as seamless coordination during the event. The team was given opportunities to peer mentoring, networking with accomplished trailblazers pre- and during the event as well as moderating sessions on their own.

The event also included the grand finale of TeensInAi’s Hackathon – the Demo Day – which was organized to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day.

Collaborating with Ananke in organizing a memorable Summit, event partners included some of the most prominent names regionally as well as globally, including: IBM, Centre for Business and Society- LUMS, The Fred Hollows Foundation, TreeHouse Consultancy, Connected Women Pakistan, Women Engineers Pakistan, CIRCLE, International Women Empowerment Events, Beautiful Soul Lounge, PWiC Global, Evolution360, Twittistaan, Women In Law – An Initiative by LEARN, Acorn Aspirations, Lahore Education & Research Network – LEARN, The Gender Security Project, CodeGirls by ConsulNet Corporation, TeensInAi and WEE Global Live.

 Partnering with Ananke to empower girls, The Citizen’s Foundation invited members from within their community to avail moderating opportunities offered by the event organizer. Talking about the alliance, the TCF team said: “The flow of communication was fast and consistent throughout. Ananke’s team was very cooperative throughout the event, even when we encountered login issues. We were copied in all emails, which was not necessary, but it did help in keeping track with the updates on our alumni. The event itself looked well-coordinated and organized especially given that it was virtual.”

The event offered an array of interactive workshops including StoryBoard with Purva Grover, Freelancing 101 with Faiza Yousuf, CyberWomen: Navigating the Web with the Media Matters for Democracy team, Gender Focus: Challenging Social Norms with Angbeen Mirza and Marva Khan – academics from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan, In the Limelight: Public Speaking with Anika Subha (Upoma) Ahmed and IBM session with Melissa Sassi and Phila Dlamini. Guests gushed about the learning gained from attending the event during and even after the conclusion of the Summit.

Other sessions included dialogue on event topics such as Gender Justice and Climate Change; Engendering Data; Privilege, Agency in Decision Making & Gender Equality; STEM like a Girl, the FQ NextGen Panel, Wellness 101, The Fred Hollows Foundation Panel on the impact of eye health on girl’s empowerment & equality, The Gender Security Panel on rights, advocacy and law, Girls: The Face of Gig Economy, as well as the Ginsburg Panel celebrating the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg..

Applauding Ananke’s efforts, COO Genetech Solutions, Founder CodeGirls, Adviser WomenInTechPK, Vice- Chairperson – P@SHA, Shamim Rajani said: “Through capacity building activities and by creating opportunities for leadership development through inclusive dialogue, the Ananke Girl Summit and more such events are enabling girls to identify their true potential and pave a path that would like lead to success. I am proud to a small part of all such initiatives.”

The event will be followed by the publication of Ananke’s special edition focusing women especially the girl child. Recordings of all sessions are currently being uploaded on Ananke’s YouTube channel and can be accessed by visiting this link:

About Ananke

Ananke is a digital platform empowering women through awareness, advocacy and education. It was launched in 2014 as a digital media entity documenting women’s achievements, showcasing them as role models for aspiring women and girls to emulate. Ananke is a forum that aims to highlight global issues and topics with a gender lens.

The platform also publishes special editions on special occasions, our previous works have focused topics including: Day of the Girl, Women’s Day and Women’s Economic Empowerment. These digital editions can be viewed on the ISSUU platform.

Ananke’s flagship program, Empower, is a digital internship initiative launched in 2016. The program has trained and mentored more than 40 girls from all over the world including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Cameroon, Morocco, Pakistan, India, the UAE, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Russia, Australia, Bahamas and more.

The platform has been nominated twice by the World Summit on Information Society Prizes (2019 & 2020) for its digitally inclusive work on gender.

Apart from the official website ( and digital editions published on ISSUU, Ananke has also launched its VIMEO channel.

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